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the educator teaches by collaboration rather than by instruction. woman: is it dark in there? hello. i'm joanne hendrick, author of the whole child and your guide to this video series. in this program, we're going to look at what we call cognitive development and what we can do to enhance our children's ability to think, reason, remember information, and solve problems. we'll observe children in a number of different programs-- head start, family day-care homes, university schools, and private child-care centers-- and we'll listen to their teachers as they describe some of the methods they use to enhance their children's learning. what's in there? what is that? [bell jingling] what is it? what is it? is it a sponge? hendrick: the foundations of learning begin right here because children begin to learn right from the start. the most important thing i believe we can teach our children, no matter what their age, is that they are valued. hi. hi. hi, sweetie. oh, no! ♪ one wheel's off, and the axle's broken ♪ ♪ one wheel's off, the axle's broken ♪ ♪ one wheel's off, the axle's broken ♪
and with the support of the doctors and the health educators here, i lost very consistently four pounds a week. and it just sort of rolled off, and then i started to get brave and attempt exercise. penny weismuller: because of the heel pain early on, i needed to look for a low impact thing to do, and i got an air glider, and i would do 10 minutes a day on the air glider. ten minutes equaled like 75 calories of physical activity, and that was just one more thing to help build it up. the bottom line for weight management is calories in versus calories out. of course, we need to consider one's nutritional intake. i could consume my maintenance calories in ice cream or chocolate, but that doesn't mean that even though i could, theoretically, maintain my weight, it doesn't mean that's going to be the healthiest way to do it. but there is room, in a day's intake, in a week's intake, in a month's intake, for most any food as long as the calories net out it's hard when you swim laps in a pool to figure out how much exercise you're actually doing. how many calories you're burning. so one night when nob
generation of winemakers are entering the business and trying to educate others about this special way of life. >> this whole wining industry goes along with farming. it's all about a lifestyle, not about money. if you want to make money, go off and become a ceo of some company or something. hit it lucky in vegas or something. but farming is a lifestyle. it's a lifestyle that i grew up with in the sticks of texas. it's a lifestyle that i woul't give up. >> it's a heartwarming story, because he was really green. and i mean, he came--started later in his career making wine. and but you could see he just had it in him. he was gonna do the best he could at whatever he worked at. and it happened to be-- he stuck it out this far, and he's done just wonderful. [music playing] >> and it's thanks to fellow winemakers like gary and his own willingness to learn that has helped mac succeed in a business where so many have failed. his vision cellars wines have won numerous awards, been served at the white house, and, more importantly, are the culmination of his lifelong goal of being able to make h
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3